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2015 News Releases

5-21-15 -- California ranks eighth in the nation in non-fuel minerals production for 2013.
5-18-15 -- State provides update on review of underground injection to U.S. EPA.

4-21-15 -- Office of Administrative Law approves Department of Conservation emergency regulations for underground injection.

4-2-15 -- Department of Conservation announces emergency rulemaking for underground injection.

1-14-15 -- Dept. of Conservation issues Draft EIR for use of well stimulation in California.

2-9-15 -- State provides underground injection plan to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

3-3-15 -- Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources seeks to halt injection into 12 wells. 

3-9-15 -- State and federal entities, Ducks Unlimited Preserve Castro Ranch in Sutter County.

3-20-15 -- New tools help state, coastal communities prepare for threat of large tsunamis.

2014 News Releases

11-25-14 -- CA. Department of Conservation Solicits High-Speed Rail Farmland Mitigation Proposals

11-18-14 --Dept. of Conservation, USDA, Local Land Trust Permanently Preserve Fedora Farm for Agriculture

11-6-14 -- California Geological Survey Issues Official Earthquake Fault Zone Maps for L.A. Areas

10-9-14 -- California Department of Conservation Releases Latest Version of Oil and Gas Well Stimulation Regulations

7-18-14 -- California's Oil Regulator to Review Underground Injection Control Program

7-1-14 -- New Quake Scenarios for Mammoth Mountain Area

6-25-14 -- Division of Land Resource Protection issues latest report on California land-use change

6-13-14 -- Revised Proposed Regulations for Oil & Gas Well Stimulation Released for Public Comment

4-29-14 -- Construction Sand and Gravel Ranks Number One Among California Mineral Commodities

3-21-14 -- California Prepares Harbors For Future Tsunamis

1-16-14 -- 20th Anniversary of Northridge Earthquake Finds California Better Prepared, CGS Says

1-8-14 -- California Geological Survey Issues Preliminary Earthquake Fault Zone Maps for L.A.

2013 News Releases

12-11-13 -- Department of Conservation Issues Public Notice of Interim Regulations For Oil & Gas Well Stimulation

11-27-13 -- Meetings Set to Provide Comments on Scope, Content of Environmental Impact Report for Well Stimulation

11-15-13 -- Proposed Regulations for Well Stimulation Treatment in Oil, Natural Gas Production are Now Available for Public Review, Comment

11-13-13 -- California Geological Survey Completes Trench Study of Tahoe Area Earthquake Fault

9-25-2013 -- California Office of Mine Reclamation Completes Inventory of Abandoned Mines on U.S. Parks Land

9-5-2013 --  State, Ag Land Trust Permanently Set Aside Pamma-Larkin Farm Near Gridley for Agriculture

8-16-2013 -- Draft Regulations for Creation of Solar Easements Now Available for Public Review and Comment

4-25-2013 -- California Geological Survey Releases 2011 Non-Fuel Mineral Report--Boron is No. 1

4-10-2013 -- California Geological Survey Releases Two Los Angeles-Area Landslide Inventory Maps

3-25-2013 -- Fed, State, Local Land Trust Permanently Conserve Martin Farm Near Winters for Agriculture

3-5-2013 -- Some Parts of State Face Shortfall of Permitted Building Material

1-17-2013 -- Important Farmland Information Now Available Online

1-8-2013 -- State, Ag Land Trust Permanently Set Aside Fisher Ranch Near Greenfield for Agriculture

2012 News Releases

11-29-2012 -- Be Aware of Landslide Risk During Rainy Season

10-30-2012 -- California Geological Survey Issues New Seismic Hazard Zone Map for San Jose Area

9-25-2012 -- New Alquist-Priolo Fault Hazard Maps Released

9-11-2012 -- San Diego County Quarry Claims State Mine Reclamation Award

7-17-2012 -- Feds, State, Local Government Permanently Shield San Joaquin County Walnut Farm from Development

6-7-2012 --  California Geological Survey Issues Minerals Report for Stockton-Lodi Area

5-30-2012 -- Seismic Intrumentation of One Rincon Hill Tower will Provide Scientists and Engineers with Important Information

5-11-2012 -- Sutter County Farm Permanently Set Aside for Agriculture and Waterfowl Habitat

5-03-2012 -- Gold Up, But Overall Mining Productivity Down in California, According to California Geological Survey Report

2-07-2012 -- California Geological Survey Program Places Quake Instruments in Barstow Area

1-10-2012 -- California Geological Survey's Strong Motion Instrumentation Program Placing Earthquake Instruments All Around the Bay Area  

2011 News Releases

12-30-2011 -- Eastern Sierra Land Trust Teams with State and Federal and Protects Centennial Ranch Farm In Bridgeport Valley

12-28-2011 -- Timothy R. Kustic Named Head of California Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources

12-14-2011 -- Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust teams with State and Local Government to Protect Historic Contra Costa County Farmland--the 132-acre Nunn Kami-Grigsby Family Farm

12-13-2011 -- Sequoia Riverland Trust Teams with State, Federal Agencies in Wasco to Protect treasured National Resource: Food Production

10-6-2011 -- Sequoia Riverland Trust Teams with State, Federal Agencies to shield Howe Ranch Family Farm From Development

9-14-2011 -- Baja Earthquake May Pose Unexpected Threat to Agriculture

9-12-2011 -- Sequoia Riverlands Trust, State, and Federal Agencies shield Schnitzler Family Farm in Fresno and Tulare Counties from development

8-18-2011 -- Tehama County Farm Protected by funding from the Northern CA Regional Land Trust and the CA DOC's CA Farmland Conservancy Program

7-8-2011 -- California Farmland Conservancy Program, Federal funding, and Chico-based land trust create permanent easement to shield 145-acre Comanche Creek farm

6-28-2011 -- Bay Area landslide inventory maps released

5-31-2011 -- Office of Mine Reclamation, Bureau of Land Management seal old Tuolumne County mines to ensure public safety and protect wildlife

5-31-2011 -- California ranks fourth in the nation in non-fuel minerals production

5-26-2011 -- Jim Pompy named Assistant Director, Office of Mine Reclamation

5-19-2011 -- California Geological Survey Releases New Map Showing Landslide Susceptibility in California

4-20-2011 --  Farmland Mapping and Monitoring Program Report Shows Decrease in Irrigated Farmland Acres between 2006-2008

4-19-2011 --  California Geological Survey Places Seismic Monitors on Hayward Fault

2-11-2011 --  Division of Land Resource Protection announces Watershed Coordinator Grants.pdf

2-10-2011 --  California Geological Survey makes Alquist-Priolo maps available online.pdf

2010 News Releases

12-14-2010 -- California Geological Survey warns--Rainy season increases landslide risk

12-01-2010 -- California Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources cleans up abandoned facility in Ventura County

10-05-2010 -- State/Federal Project to seal abandoned mines protects bat & owl habitat as well as human safety

08-31-2010 -- Division of Land Resource Protection seeking proposals for $9 million in watershed coordinator grants

04-27-2010 -- California Geological Survey celebrates 150th Anniversary at The Tech Museum, San Jose

01-28-2010 -- Seismic monitors installed at Port of Long Beach; data will help make future structures even safer

01-06-2010 -- Productive Farmland in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties Protected Permanently from Development


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