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DOGGR Contacts


801 K Street, MS 18-05
Sacramento, CA 95814-3530
Phone: (916) 445-9686, Fax: (916) 323-0424

Note: For security reasons, email addresses are no longer linked. To contact a staff member by email,
type out the email address noted, replacing the word "at" with @, with no space in between.


Name Email Position Phone
Bohlen, Steven steven.bohlen at State Oil & Gas Supervisor (916) 445-9686
Geroch, John john.geroch at Chief Deputy Cypress:(714) 816-6847
Sacramento:(916) 323-1780
Newton, Jeff jeff.newton at Staff Services Manager II (916) 323-2980
McDonald, Heidi heidi.mcdonald at Administrative Assistant (916) 323-1777


Name Email Position Phone
Habel, Rob rob.habel at Technical Program Manager (916) 323-1782
Lagomarsino, Adele adele.lagomarsino at Senior Environmental Planner (916) 323-2258
Salera, Jerry jerry.salera at UIC Program Manager (916) 323-1781
Barry, Tom tom.barry at   Associate Engineer  
Sartono, Ori   ori.sartono at   Associate Engineer    
Fung, Teresa teresa.fung at Associate Environmental Planner (916) 324-9017
Brashear, Amanda amanda.brashear at Associate Environmental Planner  (916) 319-8261 
Spade, Connie connie.spade at Environmental Planner (916) 319-8217
Downey, Cameron cameron.downey at UIC Coordinator (916) 445-2312
Orizonte, Raymundo raymundo.orizonte at Associate Engineer (916) 324-1268
Catalano, Jennie jennie.catalano at GIS Specialist (916) 327-1042
Coronel, Roberto roberto.coronel at GIS Analyst (916) 323-1784
Lam, Mau mau.lam at GIS Analyst (916) 445-0766
Turner, Wes wesley.turner at GIS Analyst (916) 327-7360
Jan, Helen helen.jan at Control Unit Supervisor (916) 323-0422
Newborn, Leslie leslie.newborn at Program Technician (916) 323-0426
Armstrong, Sharon sharon.armstrong at Program Technician (916) 323-0427


Name Email Position Phone
Habel, Marilu marilu.habel at Supervising Oil and Gas Engineer (916) 323-0423
Agusiegbe, Vincent vincent.agusiegbe at Senior Oil and Gas Engineer (916) 323-0425
Reader, Emily emily.reader at Senior Oil and Gas Engineer   
Stewart, Aaron aaron.stewart at Associate Engineer (916) 445-2321
Middlemiss, Emma emma.middlemiss at Associate Engineer (916) 445-2364
Wynne, Dan daniel.wynne at Engineering Geologist (916) 324-8058
Cheng, Vivian vivian.cheng at Engineering Geologist (916) 324-8055
Patel, Milind milind.patel at Engineering Geologist (916) 322-4747
MacMaster, Bruce bruce.macmaster at Associate Analyst (916) 445-2311


Name Email Position Phone
Taylor, Lynne lynne.taylor at Administrative Program Manager (916) 445-2341
DeBernardi, Weegee weegee.debernardi at Human Resources (916) 323-1775
Blaylock, Melissa melissa.blaylock at Human Resources (916) 323-2731
Ung, June june.ung at Bond Administrator (916) 323-1788
Dixon, Christina christina.dixon at Enforcement (916) 323-1790
Guthrie, Carol carol.guthrie at Budgets/Procurement (916) 322-2008
Breese, Jennifer jennifer.breese at Public Outreach (916) 445-2404
Williams, Sonja sonja.williams at Office Assistant (916) 445-9686
Thibault, Laurette laurette.thibault at Office Technician (916) 445-9687
Lolmaugh, Dana  dana.lolmaugh at Bond Coordinator (916) 323-1785 

5816 Corporate Ave., Suite 200
Cypress, CA 90630-4731
Phone: (714) 816-6847, Fax: (714) 816-6853

Operator Notices:

Name Email Position
Dudak, Daniel daniel.dudak at District Deputy
Khan, Ali ali.khan at Operations Supervisor
McCullough, Chris chris.mccullough at UIC Supervisor
Carlson, Ken ken.carlson at Facilities/Environmental Sup
Gomez, Crystal crystal.gomez at Office Services Supervisor II
Huff, John john.c.huff at Lead Operations Engineer
Moser, Ellen ellen.moser at Operations Engineer
Brandt, Grace grace.brandt at Operations Engineer
Ngo, Gary at Operations Engineer
Ali Mohammed, Hafiz hafiz.ali at Operations Engineer
Kaufman, Paul paul.kaufman at Field Engineer
Collender, Jack jack.collender at Field Engineer
Wicker, Cary cary.wicker at Field Engineer
Cullum, Callie callie.cullum at Field Engineer
Chavez-Segura, Max max.chavez-segura at Field Engineer
Loverne, Rich rich.loverne at Lead UIC Engineer
Wells, Martin martin.wells at UIC Engineer
Okafor, Michael michael.okafor at UIC Engineer
Irick, Barry barry.irick at UIC Engineer
Newin, Duke duke.newin at UIC Engineer
Vasconcellos, Mike michel.vasconcellos at UIC Engineer
Welty, Curtis curtis.welty at UIC Field Engineer
Peterson, Dale dale.peterson at UIC Field Engineer
Berg, Greg greg.berg at Field Engineer
Morlan, Randall randall.morlan at UIC Field Engineer
Tyler, Todd todd.tyler at UIC Field Engineer
Andrews, Kathleen kathleen.andrews at Facilities Engineer
Flores, William william.flores at Facilities Engineer
Abdulrahman, AB abdulmageed.abdulraman at Idle/Orphan Well Engineer
Sor, Stacy stacy.sor at Environmental Field Engineer
Chen, Weiru weiru.chen at Well Review Engineer
Martinez, Valerie valerie.martinez at Office Technician
Johnson, Dawn dawn.m.johnson at Office Technician
Chikosi, Marshall marshall.chikosi at Office Technician
Williams, Toinye toinye.williams at Office Technician
Huerta, Gregorio   gregorio.huerta at    Office Technician
Jenkins, Kordelia kordelia.jenkins at Office Assistant
Traylor, Dee dee.traylor at Office Assistant

1000 S. Hill Rd, Suite 116
Ventura, CA 93003-4458
Phone: (805) 654-4761, Fax: (805) 654-4765

Name Email Position
Hesson, Bruce bruce.hesson at District Deputy
Ortiz, David david.ortiz at Associate Oil & Gas Engineer
Davis, Mark mark.davis at Field Engineer
Gustafson, Kristopher kris.gustafson at Field Engineer
Knight, Clifford clifford.knight at Field Engineer
Kirby-Cook, Tina tina.kirbycook at Office Technician
Shannon, Mary mary.shannon at Office Assistant
Blevins, Ernest ernest.blevins at Field Engineer

195 S. Broadway, Suite 101
Orcutt, CA 93455-4655
Phone: (805) 937-7246, Fax: (805) 937-0673

Name Email Position
Abel, Pat pat.abel at District Deputy
Brunetti, Ross ross.brunetti at Associate Engineer
Iverson, Jon jon.iverson at Associate Engineer
Proskow, Christi christi.proskow at Field Engineer
Norman, Bryan bryan.norman at Field Engineer
Davis, Mark mark.s.davis at Field Engineer
DeHate, Annette annette.dehate at Oil & Gas Technician
Castro, Linh linh.castro at Office Technician
Dazo, Pat pat.dazo at Office Assistant

4800 Stockdale Hwy., Suite 100
Bakersfield, CA 93309-0279
Phone: (661) 322-4031, Fax: (661) 861-0279

Name Email Position
Wermiel, Dan dan.wermiel at District Deputy
Fields, Steve steve.fields at Technical Support Unit Supervisor
Winkler, Bill bill.winkler at Senior Oil and Gas Engineer Sup
Woods, Mike   mike.woods at  Senior Oil and Gas Engineer Sup 
Okoroike, Simeon simeon.okoroike at Senior Oil and Gas Engineer Sup
Fien, Lynn lynn.fien at Office Services Supervisor 
Toland, Mike mike.toland at Acting Environmental Unit Sup
Philbrick, Gary gary.philbrick at Idle/Orphan Wells Engineer
Thesken, Rich rich.thesken at Permitting Engineer
Fey, Ronald ronald.fey at Drill Permitting Engineer
Frary, Dayne dayne.frary at CEQA Program Engineer
Chu, Min min.chu at Abandonment Permitting Engineer
Johnson, Michael michael.johnson at UIC Engineer
Penderel, Bill bill.penderel at UIC Engineer
Jones, Chris chris.jones at UIC Engineer
Lagunzad, Arsenio arsenio.lagunzad at UIC Engineer
Holland-Ford, Mary mary.holland-ford at UIC Field Engineer
Iwuh, Henry henry.iwuh at UIC Engineer
Tellez, Rene rene.tellez at UIC Field Engineer
Katona, Aaron aaron.katona at UIC Field Engineer
Bowen, Kenton kenton.bowen at UIC Field Engineer
Jordan, Frank frank.jordan at UIC Field Engineer
Montoya, Karen karen.montoya at Field Engineer
Chamberlain, Janel janel.chamberlain at  Field Engineer
Mullenmeister, Eugene eugene.mullenmeister at   Engineering Geologist
Sequar, Ghebretinsae ghebretinsae.sequar at   Engineering Geologist
Winkler, Martha martha.winkler at Lead Field Associate Engineer
Abdullaay, Emaadeldein  emaadeldein.abdullaay at Engineering Geologist 
Richard, Steve stephen.richard at Abandonment Permitting Engineer
Donnelly, James james.donnelly at Field Engineer
Lace, Phyllis phyllis.lace at Field Technician
Nasiatka, Sheryl sheryl.nasiatka at Field Engineer
Ignatowicz, Lee lee.ignatowicz at Field Engineer
McKee, Michael michael.mckee at Field Engineer
Yu, John john.yu at Permitting Engineer
Pineda, Jonathan jonathan.d.pineda at Field Technician
Dee Jones floyd.jones at Drafting Technician
Newsome, Aasia aasia.newsome at Program Technician II
Rowden, Kathy kathy.rowden at Program Technician
Parks, Amanda amanda.parks at Staff Services Manager I
Streiff, Jolene jolene.streiff at Office Technician
Santana, Penny penny.santana at Office Technician
McNew, Connie connie.mcnew at Office Technician
Husband, Susan susan.husband at Office Assistant
Pineda, Rachel rachel.pineda at Office Assistant
Grim, Brian brian.grim at Office Assistant
Blevins, Lisa lisa.blevins at Office Assistant
Nunez, Jazmine jasmine.nunez at     Office Assistant

466 N. Fifth Street
Coalinga, CA 93210-1793
Phone: (559) 935-2941 Fax: (559) 935-5154

Name Email Position
Boardman, Tim tim.boardman at District Deputy
Muggelberg, Glenn glenn.muggelberg at Regulatory Engineer
Lush, Andrew andrew.lush at Field Engineer
Jones, Josh joshua.jones at Field Engineer
Sharma, Rohit rohit.sharma at Field Engineer
McCracken, Jeanette jeanette.mccracken at Field Engineer
Luft, Jennifer jennifer.luft at Office Technician

801 K Street, MS 20-22
Sacramento, CA 95814-3530
Phone: (916) 322-1110, Fax: (916) 445-3319

Name Email Position
Jaszarowski, Joyce joyce.jaszarowski at District Deputy 
Tackett, B.G, baxter.tackett at Permitting Engineer
Bottoms, Mary mary.bottoms at Field Engineer
Mirazi, Alex S. alex.mirazi at Field Engineer
Barry, Thomas thomas.barry at Field Engineer
Hatfield, Sheila sheila.hatfield at Executive Secretary
Carnes, Judy judith.carnes at Office Technician


Name Email Position Phone
Breese, Jen jennifer.breese at Public Outreach Analyst (916) 445-2404