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Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources

SB 4 Well Stimulation Treatment Regulations

OAL Reference Number: Z-2013-1105-01

DOC sent out public notice to interested parties on June 13, 2014 that revisions to the text of the proposed regulations and documents added to the rulemaking record are available for review and comment. The public comment period runs until July 28, 2014.

45-Day Public Notice, 6-13-14

First Revised Text of Proposed Regulations, 6-13-14

Well Stimulation Treatment Neighbor Notification Form (1/15 version), 6-13-14

DOGGR Discussion of Calculated Acid Volume Threshold, 6-13-14

DOC submitted the following documents for this rulemaking to the Office of Administrative Law on Tuesday, November 5, 2013. The public comment period runs until January 14, 2014

60-Day Public Notice, 11/15/13 

Text of Proposed Regulations, 11/15/13

Initial Statement of Reasons (ISOR), 11/15/13 

Preliminary Economic and Fiscal Impact Statement (STD. 399), 11/15/13  

Economic Impact Analysis, 11/15/13